The Copper Measuring Cups

It is probably breaking the most cardinal rule of blogging: changing the name and direction of your blog.

I’m sorry. Really, I am. You have been here for a reason and I have tried to honor and appreciate your every comment and visit.

Quarantine has caused us all to sift through priorities and discard the things that aren’t as important as they once seemed. It’s also highlighted the things we truly savor.

Scott and I have always enjoyed cooking together. Now before you conjure up movie scenes of cutesy flour fights and burned casseroles while other cooking is happening elsewhere, I’ll stop you right there. When Scott is cooking something, he’s the only one in the kitchen. He is a tornado of action and the sink (and floors!) suffer the most. And when I’m in the kitchen baking, each ingredient is pre-measured and the bowls are washed along the way.

So where is the cooking togetherness??

That happens before the first egg is cracked and after the last crumbs are sopped up from the plate: the recipe selecting and tweaking as well as the post-dinner conversation about what we would do differently the next time. That’s where we shine as a team.

There are SO many recipes out in the world. Some of them are created for a Pinterest-worthy look but lack ingredient integrity while others are time-worn and true. What we would like to do, is try out the recipe for you. Tell you what we liked, what we changed, what we would do differently next time or IF there would ever even be a next time.

In January of this year (remember January? Remember how free and easy life was back then?!) we spent our tenth wedding anniversary at an Olympic ski resort in the Sierra Mountains. While we were there, Scott ‘fell in love’ with a set of copper measuring cups from one of the local shops. It isn’t the most expensive piece of equipment we have in the kitchen, but they were an investment comparatively. I figured if nothing else, they were cute. Scott liked the functional design. We have both been surprised how integral they are to our everyday cooking. We love them! He made the right call – we use them for everything.

Quarantine has also allowed us to take some online cooking classes and we’ll share what we are learning through those as well. Techniques, equipment, and lots of recipes. Everything will be relatable and fairly easy to make for your family.

So that’s the direction of the blog going forward. I hope you’ll stick around to see if it’s something you’d enjoy. We hope you will benefit from it and we look forward to learning from your advice as well!

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